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How To Choose A Video Surveillance System For Your Business

Video surveillance systems benefit businesses in several ways. With the extra security comes the ability to deter would-be criminals, improve employee productivity, provide proof in legal cases and quickly help apprehend those involved in unlawful activity. However, for your business to get the most out of its surveillance system, you must ensure you’ve chosen the right one. Not all systems are created equally, and it’s important that you know what features your company needs before committing to a purchase and installation. The following considerations will help you determine which type of video surveillance will most adequately serve your business.

Camera Placement

The number of cameras you require to be installed will largely depend on your intended use of the system and size of your business. You must first decide where your targeted areas for surveillance are going to be and if you plan to place cameras both on the inside and outside of your property. Cameras arranged outside will function best if they are equipped with protection from the weather, dust and other outdoor elements. If you are trying to keep a wider range in the camera’s sights, it’s a good idea to go with a system that accommodates a higher resolution and the ability to scan or adjust lenses as needed.

Remote Access

Remote access can come in handy for business owners that feel uneasy whenever they’re away from the property. Video footage can easily be monitored by logging into an electronic device at any time of the day or night. This is also useful when employers are interested in seeing how efficient their employees are being in real-time. You may also find comfort in knowing that even when you aren’t connected, your surveillance system is still working and will send immediate text or email notifications at the first sign of trouble.

Recording Time

Do you want your video surveillance to run 24/7 or just during business hours? Establishing this will assist you in choosing a system in accordance with a suitable amount of recording time and storage capabilities for archiving video. Some systems can be set up to record only when they identify nearby motion and are also able to compress videos, allowing for an increase in memory.

Analog Vs. Digital

Considering the type of business you require security for, you may opt for either an analog or a digital system. Analog systems are less expensive than the alternative and don’t take up too much bandwidth, but are generally used to cover just the basics of security and produce lower quality images. Digital systems automatically transfer the analog images they’ve captured into digital ones with a much higher resolution. These surveillance systems are often the best choice for businesses that need hefty security and features such as facial recognition and a powerful zoom.

Ensure that your video surveillance system has everything it needs to give you full peace of mind and allows you to focus on operating a successful business. Go over all your options so you can choose your system with certainty.

By Tiffany Olson

Tiffany Olson lives in Northern California and greatly enjoys writing about business related topics. Some of her favorite hobbies included dancing, reading, and cooking.