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How to Choose the Right Security Guard Service for Your Needs

When it comes to security, we are understandably wary of hiring our own security personnel. After all, they are the ones who will be guarding our business property, and they have almost full access to our premises. They will often be alone at night, and we never really know if they are trustworthy enough not to be ‘bribed’ to commit a felony themselves.

But if you are unsure of your options with regards to getting your own security personnel, there is an alternative: enlisting the services of a private security firm who can provide you with security guards who are all fully-trained, professional, and compliant with the best standards in the UK. With a security firm, you can have better peace of mind knowing that it is their business to make sure that their staff is capable, reliable, and trustworthy. But there are some important factors to consider as well when you are thinking of getting a security guard from a private security provider.

First and foremost: know what you need 

Before you even begin to sort through a variety of security firms, you have to know exactly what you need first. This starts with deciding how many guards you would require in your premises. Apart from this, you also have to do an examination of your premises and learn how many entryways and doors you have, and which ones would need a security guard to man them.

If your business premises are large, you may also want to confirm whether you need a roving guard – someone who will walk around your premises rather than stay put in an entryway or gate.

Do your research about the security firm

When you have decided on the number of security guards you need and their function, you can then do your research about prospective security firms in your area. It is always better to enlist the services of a professional security provider near your place of residence or business so you can easily visit their own premises and speak to them personally.

The security firm you have in mind should have all the right experience, expertise, and credentials when it comes to their security guards. Securipol.net in Oxford, for instance, offers security guards who are all professionally trained according to British Standard 7499, the code of practice for static guarding, mobile patrol, and key holding services. In addition, the security guards of Securipol.net are trained in accordance with the highest standards of first aid, health and safety, fire safety, and even public relations.

Ask for referrals or references

To be doubly sure about the security firm you are considering, ask them if they can provide you with any referrals or references. This way, you can contact these references and learn from them first-hand how they found the services of the security provider. Did they have adequate response times in an emergency? How did they deal with difficult or stressful situations or customers? If their answers are positive, then the security firm may be well worth considering.

Consider the security firm’s own work conditions and employee policies

If you would really like to be assured of your decision to enlist that security firm’s services for private security guards for your premises, you can also ask about their employment policies and conditions for the welfare of their staff. If they have a low turnover rate and have happy, contented personnel, then the likelihood of any of them going awry is greatly reduced.