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Chiropractic Students in Dallas Open Their Doors to the Homeless

Dallas, Texas — As part of an initiative at Parker University, nearly 30 students and faculty members from the chiropractic school provided free treatment for homeless people at the Dallas LIFE shelter downtown. The chiropractic project was part of a much larger program aimed at serving the local community.

The initial effort launched in 2013. The initiative was so successful that the administration included it in this year’s program, as well. Parker Serves 2014 is the second annual day of students and faculty offering chiropractic care to community members in need.

School administrators at the chiropractic school say the efforts were especially successful because healing and helping others is already part of the curriculum. They have estimated that 600 Parker University students took part in the programs during last year’s event. The chiropractic students plan to host the event during the week of Sept. 18, because it was on that date in 1895 that the first recorded chiropractic adjustment took place.

The homeless are not the only ones benefitting from these charitable efforts. Last year, the Parker community volunteered at a number of deserving organizations aside from the LIFE shelter, including Groundwork Dallas, the North Texas Food Bank, Goodwill Industries and First Steps.

Groundwork Dallas is a nonprofit organization whose mission mirrors that of Groundwork USA. The Dallas organization is dedicated to improving its community on a number of different levels by making the surrounding environment cleaner, safer and healthier for citizens in Dallas and surrounding areas. In order to maintain quality air and water in the thriving metropolis, administrators believe an urban forest is crucial.

The North Texas Food Bank is a nonprofit hunger relief association founded in 1982. Its members help distribute purchased, donated and prepared food through a network of partner agencies in 13 difference countries. The organization is a member of Feeding America, which supports the nutritional needs of families, children and seniors by educating, advocating and forming strategic partnerships around the globe.

Goodwill Industries is an international organization that relies on donations from generous contributors. However, if everyone donated money, household items and clothes, there would be nobody to physically sort through everything, which is where Parker students and faculty can help. Though large financial contributions might help a nonprofit organization get off its feet, a number of resources are necessary to keep Goodwill Industries successful, including the efforts of volunteers.

The chiropractic students at Parker still get something in return, though, for donating their time. Not only do they get to interact with patients, but they also get to hone their adjustment techniques and utilize what they learned in the classroom out in the real world.

The Doctor of Chiropractic Program at Parker University is among the nation’s most renowned chiropractic training programs. The university’s website states that the curriculum covers clinical and fundamental services, as well as office procedures, business management and jurisprudence. The efforts of Parker Services 2014 provides students with an opportunity to put their training to use while helping the community.