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Catherine Rinaldo- Tampa, FL- auto accident

Almost every single day, the vast majority of us get into automobiles or other vehicles, whether as passengers or drivers.  We drive or ride on the roads, oblivious to the very real dangers surrounding us, and most of us get to our destinations just fine.  Even when we are involved in an accident, the reality is that most automobile accidents are minor.  We call them fender benders, we exchange insurance information, we deal with the inconvenience of a car in the shop for repairs or recovery from minor injuries, and within a short period of time- sometimes even just a few days, the accident is in the past.

That is why we are sometimes blindsided by the impact of a serious automobile accident. In a major accident, the victim can face serious injury or possibly even death.  While property damage almost always accompanies a serious accident, the more pressing concern is dealing with the impact of the personal injuries to the victim.  Not only do those injuries require money to pay for medical expenses, but they also require time for healing.  This time away from work translates into lost wages, and monetary stress.  Of course, for many serious accident victims, there is no real recovery period; some injuries translate into lifelong disabilities and require that a victim’s entire family adjust to a new way of life.  This can leave people feeling helpless, vulnerable, scared, and overwhelmed.  The stress and strain has been known to ruin relationships and to compromise judgment, leading people to agree to things that they would never consider fair or just if they were not in the immediate aftermath of a life-changing event.

Tampa area attorney Catherine Rinaldo focuses her practice exclusively on personal injuries, with a special emphasis on auto accidents.  She not only understands the financial impact of an auto accident, but also the emotional impact, and she makes it her responsibility to ensure that her clients are fully protected.  To schedule a consultation with Catherine, you can contact her at 813-831-9999 or visit her online at http://www.tampaaccidentattorney-rinaldolawgroup.com/.