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How Can A Lawyer Assist You With A Will Dispute?

When you are trying to divide up the assets of a loved one who has passed away, the last thing you need is a dispute over the content of that person’s will. This is something which most people will not have to deal with.

However, if a will dispute occurs then it is a very good idea to search for a qualified lawyer who will be able to protect your interests in the matter. What are the different ways that a will can be contested?

If The Will Is A Forgery

The will needs to have been created by the person whose assets will be divided up.  It cannot be created by someone else. If a forgery is suspected, then you will be able to hire an experienced will & probate lawyer to prove that this is the case. People often make forgeries when they know that they are going to be cut out of a will and then trick the vulnerable asset-holder into signing a document which they believe is something unrelated to their will.

Sometimes people will forge the signature of the asset-holder in an attempt to make the document legal and binding. Find quality solicitors in London who can advise about forged wills.

If The Will Does Not Have A Signature

The will needs to have a valid signature for it to become a legal document. Sometimes, the person who has made the will forgets to put their signature at the bottom of the document. This can be a simple mistake or it may be a sign that the person did not have the mental capacity to make the will. A lawyer will be able to advise you about your rights if there is no signature on the document.

If The Person Making The Will Did Not Have The Right Mental Capacity

When you are making a will, you need to have all your critical faculties. You need to be aware of how much your assets are worth and you need to fully understand how you want these assets to be divided up between the people who are named as beneficiaries. If the person making the will did not have the mental capacity to do this, then the will can be challenged.

If It Is Suspected That The Willmaker Was Coerced

The person who makes the will should be free from outside pressure. This means that they should not be influenced by the opinions of their friends or family members. You should challenge the will if you suspect that the testator has been coerced in any way.

If The Will Has Been Made Under Threat

Threats of violence or harm against the person making the will are grounds for it to be challenged. If you suspect that someone was threatened when they were creating the will, then you need to contact a lawyer.

Challenging a will can be a daunting prospect, but understanding the law and choosing a quality solicitor will help you immeasurably.