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California’s Freak Storm Forces some People to Relocate but this Water is Exactly what California Needs Overall

California’s lack of water problems have just come to an end. After the drought that has crippled the Golden State, California was just hit hard with a massive dose of water that scared some people but blessed millions more.

The state authorities had to get into action, and evacuate hundreds as fear of massive mudslides prompted many to leave home and seek shelter elsewhere. Floods and traffic accidents were rampant, and truck accident attorneys say that the conditions were uninviting for drivers out on the road but you cannot live without water, you can live with skipping a few places that you really did not have to go to anyhow.


Some people believe that when you complain about a lack of water and then receive water and then you complain about that too you are being too fastidious to be taken serious.

California is Happy Now

The scorching drought that California has been struggling with this year is the worst ever in the state’s recorded history. Adding to the worsening conditions was the powerful storm that raged across the region from the Mexican border in the south to the north where the Oregon boundary starts. The storm caused anxiousness among a few citizens of massive mudslides and floods. State meteorologists say that as much as four inches of rain (approx. 10.16 cm) was expected to be delivered in the aftermath of the rains. This is wonderful for farming and other industries.

The hillside communities in the state were expected to be the ones most at risk to this wonderful gift from Mother Nature. The years of drought have stripped the slopes of any vegetation that can keep the soil from slipping and the heavy rains were expected to cause a run off like never before. This led to authorities evacuating as many as 120 people in the Los Angeles suburbs of Glendora and Camarillo.

Some Truck Drivers were Involved in an Accident

The rains also caused a slew of traffic jams and accidents. According to truck driving accident attorneys in the state, one of the accidents occurred over a highway overpass when a large truck was left dangling precariously. The coastal town of Malibu with its celebrity enclaves was also badly hit with knocked down power lines. Roads leading to the town were closed down as well.

The good news is is that too much rain is rarely a problem.

Local television was full of images of people laying down sandbags in an attempt to stop the rainwater from entering their homes and to prepare for the eventuality of a mudslide. The Los Angeles County Fire Department was at its best trying to help the hillside communities deal with the rains. They issued warnings and helped those willing to evacuate.

The fire department chief Steve Martin said that it was important to relocate families since it is very hard to predict how nature will react in such circumstances. He also said that if the mountains decided to cut loose, it would happen so fast that there would hardly be any time to move away to safety.

Mother Nature is not Quite Finished

The rains left many neighborhoods in Los Angeles flooded. Los Angeles city downtown saw a record 1.15 inches (2.9cm) dumped on it during the day. It bypassed the old record of 1.10 set in the December storm of 1961.

The storm is still active, and weather patterns show that it will probably ease out only towards the weekend. Before that happens though, the state is expected to suffer some more days of heavy rain. Hopefully there is some rain left over for Phoenix and Arizona!