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How To Buy Real YouTube Views

Not too long ago, it was possible to purchase YouTube views in mass quantity in order to boost the number of viewers that appeared to be looking at your videos. This was typically done to boost the confidence of those that were watching your video so that they would feel motivated to not only watch what you have to offer, but motivate them to share the video because of its apparent popularity. However, times have changed and if you do not want to upset Google, especially if you are making money on the Internet using Adsense with your videos, it is important that you learn where to buy YouTube views that can help you instead.

To buy real YouTube views, you have to know a little bit about the companies that are offering these services. There are many five dollar offers that you can take advantage of, however, most of them are providing YouTube views using a script, not real people. The reason that this is bad is because not only will it look unnatural, but when all of your views come from just a couple different IP addresses, this is a red flag to YouTube and Google, clearly showing them that you have purchased the views and that real people are not actually viewing.

One of the best places to get real YouTube views is to go to forums that are actually talking about what you shot a video on. By posting your video link in these forums, it is possible to get thousands of hits from different people all over the world using different IP addresses that can help boost your views to higher levels. Even better, since these are actually real people, they may actually follow the link that you provide in the description area to your website or blog and potentially purchase what you have to offer.

Buying YouTube views can be one of the best ways to generate additional traffic to what you are selling. As long as you are purchasing the services of real people that are actually commenting from different IP addresses, this is a very viable way to earn money each and every week from what you are selling, as long as you buy YouTube views Facebook referred views, not fake ones. Hopefully these tips will help you earn more money with your YouTube videos, and in the end, your investment into getting additional views will pay off handsomely.