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Should You Burglar Proof Your Chimney?

Home burglaries happen approximately every fifteen seconds within the United States with many items being unrecovered that were stolen from the home. Many security features are available nowadays especially with advances in technology.

So why not burglar proof your chimney as well? With the simple myths of “Santa Claus” coming down home chimneys, it may lead burglars to think they have the opportunity to climb down the chimney. Granted if the chimney is clogged or a tight fit, they are liable if they get stuck within the chimney. As a result, they will not be able burglarize the home. But, it may be a hassle in order to retrieve the burglar from the chimney and pose legal issue or even a personal injury lawsuit.

The homeowner can set up a trap in order to catch the burglar through their chimney. Which will lead to the suspect getting arrested by the police and perhaps prevent another home burglary. In addition, if there is a nonworking fireplace in the home, the homeowner may be able to seal the top of the chimney from intruders. This will stop robbers in their tracks as well as animals from entering through the chimney.

Although, the upmost focus should be burglar proofing the other parts of the home, such as purchasing an ADT alarm system. There is added technology to enable homeowners to have the ability to control security features from mobile devices, which is an important attribute in society today as many people are constantly busy and gone from their homes.

Crime rates are higher in different areas of the country so the homeowner should consider the likeliness of their house being robbed before worrying about burglar proofing the chimney. Indeed, there are not many cases of robbery happening through chimneys.