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Boiler Lead Generation: 6 Things You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

When you’re in the boiler business and leads are your lifeblood you know you’ve got to focus on lead generation. But with so many lead generation strategies out there, how do you really know which ones are going to make a difference to your boiler business? While different techniques work for different businesses, there are some lead generation activities that are guaranteed to bring you less than you need. If you’re doing one of the things below, change it and see how your lead generation improves.


1. Ignoring Your Landing Page 

Say you created a landing page for your replacement boiler business a few years ago. It still works, and you still use the link in your lead generation campaigns. But did you really take a close look at how effective your page is? Too many options are confusing for visitors and results in fewer converted leads. Long registration forms or asking for too much personal detail is another no-no. And the call to action must stand out the clearest out of all the information. If you’ve been neglecting your landing page, reverse this trend.

2. Forgetting to Email Past Customers

Have you considered that a customer who bought from you in the past may have another need that you can meet? Sure, not everyone buys a boiler every month but there are other services you provide that will be useful for people who bought from you in the past, such as boiler servicing or parts replacements. The concept of boiler lead generation is not restricted to the first time you make contact with a customer. Use email lists to mail people about new offers and services you provide.

3. Ignoring Partnership Opportunities 

Are there any ways you can develop boiler leads through partnership with a company that offers a complementary service? For example, a company selling household appliances like cookers, or a home improvement company. If you do not take advantage of ways in which you can pass on their details to customers and they pass on yours, you are missing out.

4. Dismissing Lead Generation

Online lead generation services can be highly effective for businesses in the boiler industry or home improvements industry, where purchases are often high value and generating leads can be tough. A lead generation service is convenient and brings quick results – ideal for slow times of the year or when you are rolling out a new marketing strategy.

5. Not Reaching Out to Influencers

Who are the most popular bloggers in your industry? Do they know about your product? Which are the most important social media sites? Have you been in touch with them? Don’t try to do it all yourself – you can generate leads by getting your products and services in front of the people who write about them for a living, and you can get more leads on the back of their large following.