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Best Tips in 2014 Regarding Maintenance of Vending Machine

If you have your very own vending machine and want to keep up that success in your business then you have to take good care of your machines. Just like in any business that people want to last a long time, maintenance is vital to running a successful business. Since vending machines are frequently used by many people almost every single day, they start to encounter minor and even major problems along the way, basically the normal wear and tear of the machine. Since normal wear and tear is normal for any type of machine that has been used frequently, maintaining it regularly is very important to keeping up your business. With all that being said, here are a few of the best tips in 2014 regarding maintenance of vending machines.

Having a toolkit is vital

In any type of business, you should always be prepared for certain situations. That means you should always have a handy tool kit for sudden problems with your vending machines. Here are a few materials to include:

  • A handy tool kit bag
  • Philip, multi-bit and flat headed screw drivers
  • Needled nose and vice-grip pliers
  • Volt meter and / or tester
  • Level
  • Flashlight
  • Extension cord
  • Surge protector
  • Bucket
  • Cloth and sponge
  • Paint brush for cleaning purposes
  • Touch up paint

Clean the Condenser Coil

When setting up and placing your vending machine in your desired location, make sure that the unit is 4 to 6o inches away from the wall so that it gets proper ventilation. This is ideal for machines that have a refrigeration system. Always clean your condenser coil at least once annually. You could also consider to check up and clean it every couple months of so depending on where your unit is placed. A machine that is placed in a factory will usually have more debris compared to an office location which means it will need more attention. You could use a small rag, vacuum or can of compressed air in cleaning the condenser coil.

Clean the Bill Acceptor

The bill acceptor should always be checked on every couple months because it is a vital part of the vending machine. Throughout some time, the sensor or “eye” could collect dust which could prevent the machine from accepting bills which will affect your business. Make sure to wipe the sensors every couple months with a cloth or rag to prevent this problem.

Clean the exterior of the vending machine

You will not attract people with a dirty vending machine, that is the reason why you should always clean the exterior of your units. Depending on where your machines are placed, you should always check up on how clean your vending machines are so that they could always attract people.

Check on the beverage door

If you have a vending machine that contains cold beverages, make sure that it dispenses cold beverages all the time. Customers will not be happy with beverages that are at room temperature or warm especially if it is the summer time. You could turn the locking handle up until its gasket around the door is flush. After which you can turn the handle another half turn to make sure the connection is not too tight.

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