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The Benefits of Using Drones for Commercial Purposes

When it comes to using drones for commercial purposes, the jury is still out. Policymakers are scrambling to pass legislation on their use in the face of their growing popularity. Of course, public safety and privacy are at the heart of these heated debates. Outside of the United States, drones have been used successfully to boost economic growth and facilitate commerce in several different ways. While U.S. Policymakers struggle with balancing their intrinsic value against the hazards they pose, more and more outlets are discovering just how valuable these machines really are.


An rc drone is the perfect vehicle for delivering products between businesses or from a business to their customers. These vehicles are nimble and versatile and more and more companies are looking at them as a way to replace expensive delivery vehicles. Imagine being able to get your pizza delivery order in minutes rather than hours and then not having to tip the delivery driver? Other companies such as mail order pharmacies, online retailers and more have flirted with the idea of delivering their goods via drone, eliminating the cost of logistics companies and avoiding the unpleasantness of having their products destroyed by a careless delivery driver.

The media has also expressed an interest in using quadcopters to facilitate the services they offer. Internet service providers have looked into deploying solar powered drones that can remain in flight for several years before landing in order to provide wireless internet service to customers who are currently too remote to take advantage of traditionally wired Internet service. In addition, this can provide additional competition in more densely populated areas. News outlets have already begun using drones to capture video that was previously unattainable via traditional news helicopter. Drones are much more maneuverable than traditional news helicopters and can be equipped with a variety of cameras to capture video in a variety of different perspectives.

Law enforcement agencies themselves have expressed an interest in being able to use drone technology for performing strategic information gathering and suspect monitoring. These tasks require a lot of effort when performed by officers and can also place these individuals in harm’s way. However, drones can make this a more efficient and much safer process.

Videographers have always struggled with the ability to capture aerial shots of big events for their customers. In the past, many have used traditional RC helicopters equipped with cameras to try and capture the video. However, these devices aren’t as stable as the newer drones and, thanks to advancements in video technology, cameras can now follow the action autonomously, allowing the videographer to capture the perfect shot every time. This functionality also fits in well for real estate agents who need great aerial photographs of the properties they have for sale. Agriculture businesses can also use these devices to monitor crops and livestock remotely, pinpointing troublespots much more quickly than ever before, creating a much more efficient operation.

There are so many different ways that drones can be utilized it boggles the mind. One thing is for certain, though, use of consumer drones and commercial drones is on the rise and is here to stay.

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