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Benefits Of Owning A Penthouse In Malta – What Does It Offer?

Why would you choose Malta? When you are looking for a place to settle down, Malta proves to be an amazing option. It is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, which is in close proximity to both North Africa and Europe, making it easier to travel around. Its climate is another striking aspect.Penthouse In Malta

Malta enjoys hot summers and mild winters. The peak summer months are from July to September, where August is the hottest month with the temperature rising to nearly 40 Celsius. April and June are considered to be the best months, with sunny, clear skies, the average temperature is around 28 Celsius.

The coldest months are from December to Feb where the average temperature drops by 15 Celsius. Rain is pretty common during these months, but the sun does shine for a minimum of 5 to 6 hours a day. October and November are the best winter months with milder temperatures.

Spring in Malta is the best time to visit. The weather is not always quite predictable, on some days, it is overcast and for others, you may enjoy an amazing trip to the beach. Penthouse to rent in Malta proves to be an amazing option for all the holidaymakers out there! However, some also check out Penthouses for sale in Malta for investment purposes.

Malta is a safe place to be, in fact, one of the safest places worldwide. The state offers amazing benefits in terms of education being offered along with public and private schools, preparing students for higher education. The University of Malta is a well-regarded learning institution which offers free education up to bachelor’s degree that is offered for free to permanent Maltese residents.

The tax regulations in Malta prove quite beneficial. These attractive regulations are set to target new investors. Income tax is quite low, with 15 percent tax on the income remitted to the state. Furthermore, there is no foreign taxation on the income earned outside of Malta.

Malta is highly regarded for the incredible entertainment it offers. There is an activity to suit all age groups, budgets, and interests. You will find a number of different nightclubs, bars, restaurants, pubs, theatres, casinos, cultural sites, and cinemas in the area.

The island offers amazing art scene and boasts some truly talented artists, musicians, and actors. It does host plays. The amazing Manoel Theatre in Valletta is about a 300-year old, a Baroque-style theatre that sees plentiful events being performed on its arena at different times of the year.