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Benefits Of Enrolling Your Kids Into A Summer Camp

Summer camps are THE place for playing, making new friends and learning from May to August every year. Summer camps are the place where fun and creativity meets to make the children learn about new things and life.

1.      Something for everyone here:

Summer camp Cobble Hill gives chances to your children to immerse themselves in the world of the Performing Arts, Fun Activities, Sports, and Culture etc. There is something which is suited to everyone here from the vivacious to the shy children.

2.      Different activities for kids to enjoy:

Weekly themes are also held such as Safari Adventure, The Wild West etc. Sports and movement games are set up, musical activities and events are held, take-home art projects are given to kids, an interactive story time is arranged and dramatic plays are also staged.

3.      No heat only fun:

Summer camps don’t necessarily mean that your kid will face the scorching heat. There are no sunburns or sweltering heat, just some amazing line-up of structured and exciting activities for kids all summer long.

4.      Different duration sessions to suit your needs:

Different duration sessions are set up according to your needs, so you can accommodate your busy summer plans. If you want to enroll your kids into a 2 week program or an 8 week program then you can. There are also some programs which are 12 week and 16 weeks long, but your child won’t get bored in these as there are some exciting and fun activities arranged for everyone according to their needs and wants.

5.      Age appropriate lesson plans:

There are age-appropriate lesson plans offered at the summer camps which are developed by experts on early childhood development. Children are given the proper guidance and counseling through these age-appropriate lesson plans in an effective and fun manner.

6.      Developmentally appropriate activities:

The camp divides children into groups and they participate accordingly in activities which are developmentally appropriate in gym, art, exploration, music, and more.  The children can learn and make friends with children of their own age group and compatibility.

7.      Safe environment for kids to learn and play:

The environment is extremely friendly and very safe for your kids. The places are all clean and air conditioned. Your kids can easily learn here in a safe and sound environment by help of the friendly teachers and counselors.

8.      The different activities offered:      

Different types of art classes are offered for example big messy art classes in which children have young children bring out the artist in themselves in a fun way. They are free to squeeze, splatter, smear, and explore other artistic possibilities on a giant paper or writing tables etc. for fun.

There are gym activities in which children are introduced to rings and springs, beams and bars etc. there is introduction of activities very playfully which can help in improving kids balance, flexibility, strength, coordination through games and other activities.

There are also many sports activities which help in building core-body strength, agility and coordination with non-competitive games.

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