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Bail Bonds

It is quite common when watching the news to hear about someone who gets arrested. These type of newscasts may also include information about the arrested person being released on a bail bond. The person will need to appear in court within a certain period of time so as not to default the bail bond now . However, what does this exactly mean and what does a bail bond do? Also, why is it important for the person to return to court if they have already been released on bail? For anyone who has asked these type questions, a simple bail bond 101 course will help you to understand exactly what a bail bond is, how it works, and what a bondsman does.

When a person is arrested or suspected of a crime they will be taken by the police to jail for booking. During this period of time they will have their fingerprints taken, make a statement, and have a mug shot taken. The individual be held in jail unless they are released on bail until her court date. This type of procedure happens many times throughout the year in the United States.

Bail is simply a financial arrangement where an agency that does bail bonding helps a criminal defendant. The agency, who are acting for the defendant, will guarantee that a defendant who is waiting for a court appearance will appear in court. The bail bond agency is then responsible for the defendant to appear. If an individual does not appear in court on the specific date then the bail bond agency has an option of hiring a bounty hunter to find the individual.

A bail bondsman, who is working with a bail bond agency, will put up the amount of bail money that is required for the defendant’s release. The bondsman will charge a fee for this service which is usually 10% of the total amount of money to pay the bail. The 10% fee is nonrefundable. A bail bondsman will normally ask for security from the defendant. The security will be in the form of any asset that will cover the cost of the bail.

If the person charged does not have the money to pay this fee then the bail bondsman can ask for securities from friends or relatives. If a defendant does not appear in court then as mentioned previously the bail bondsman has the option of hiring a bounty hunter. He also has the right to sue the defendant for any money that was given to the court.