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Availing of the Conveyancing Services in the Pre-Contractual Stage

If you are planning to buy real estate property, you need to consider appointing a solicitor for handling the legal aspect of it. Property solicitors specialising in conveyancing would be able to handle the different steps involved in the buying process. A common question a buyer has in this regard is – when do you need to appoint a solicitor? It is necessary to instruct a solicitor right from the pre-contractual stage, i.e., after you have made an offer.

The pre-contractual stage involves a lot of tasks, of which the drawing up of the contract is the most important. The seller, or their solicitor, handles this task. It is at this stage that you may negotiate the terms of the contract. However, if you have appointed a property solicitor, let him/her handle this task on your behalf. They would also be able to explain the terms of the contract to you.

Your solicitor would also ensure that every necessary detail is mentioned in the contract:

  1. The selling price of the property
  2. The boundaries of the property
  3. The fixtures and fittings included in the sale
  4. The legal rights or restrictions on the property
  5. The restrictions on the planning
  6. The services available to the property
  7. The date of completion of the sell

Adequate research of the property is necessary before you sign the deal. Your property conveyancing solicitors would be of help in this as well. Make sure you find out as much as possible about the property before you sign the contract. It is not the responsibility of the seller to tell you about the problems in the property. However, they do have the responsibility to answer properly to your enquiries.

The checks and searches of the property needs to include checking the ‘title’, the legal document proving the ownership of the property, enquiring from the local authorities about the development works that may affect the property in the recent future, and asking the solicitor of the seller about the details mentioned in the contract. Other searches may vary according to the property of your choice.