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Arm Yourself With More Data: Things Your Sugar Client Could Be Telling You

As a customer relationship management tool, SugarCRM is one of the most powerful on the market, with plenty of standard features and a huge number of modules to customize the interface to do what you want it to do. Some of the modules are easy to understand, but there are others that can use more advanced features of the Sugar client and other information so that you have the data that you need to make your business more effective. These three modules help to provide you with information that you might have otherwise missed.

Opportunity And Account Org Chart

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your sales staff is for them to give a pitch only to find that the people with whom they were speaking did not have the authority to make decisions. All too often this happens because you do not know enough about the target company and your cold call was just too cold. The Opportunity and Account Org Chart lets you establish the hierarchy of your potential customers so you know who you need to speak with when things need to get done. Using things like LinkedIn and previous experience you can be sure that you are not wasting time with people who have no authority to make the kind of decision that you want the company to make.

Employee Org Chart

There will almost always be questions about the organizational chart with potential customers, as you do not know enough about the company to be sure who has what job, but there should not be confusion among your employees about who to approach with problems. Sometimes employees do not know exactly who they report to, or who is in charge of a particular project, and they waste time trying to find the information. The Employee Org Chart is a very simple module that lets you clearly define the organizational flow and dictates to employees where they need to go with questions or concerns. Now everyone can be more effective with their questions with a clear chain of command and your managers and coordinators will not have to spend time dealing with issues they do not have the authority to address, or questions that should have been handled by someone at a lower level.

Weblinx Site Tracker

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your site visitors, the more power you have to convert them to paying customers. Without some kind of site analytics you do not know who is coming to your site, where they came from or what they did when they arrived, and this blindness prevents you from spending money wisely in terms of marketing and your site. SugarCRM can incorporate all of this data using the Weblinx Site Tracker, and it can show you precisely the kind of data that you need to make online marketing more effective. You can target the customers most likely to spend money with your company and you can shift funds to those campaigns that are generating the most leads. Sites like Sugar Outfitters can even direct you to more marketing tools that will make the site tracker even more powerful.

The growth of your business depends on your ability to collect and use data, and these modules can transform the data that Sugar provides into actionable information. Overall you should see an increase in both revenue and profits.

I am Jason Stone and I have been using these modules for the last year. The information that they provide has proven invaluable in growing my business and increasing the effectiveness of my staff’s sales calls.