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Alpine Trips To Take During Your Walking Holidays In Austria

Certain parts of the world are best known for one specific feature, which often overshadows – if not nullifies – everything else the country might have to offer in a visitor’s eyes. Most tourists travelling to Brazil, for example, are not doing so for the history; they most likely want to lie on the country’s glorious beaches. Similarly, foreigners visiting Pisa are probably seeking a visit to the leaning tower and may neglect all other attractions within the city in favour of it.

For hikers taking walking holidays in Austria, that over-riding attraction is, of course, the Alps. As one of the longest and best-known mountain ranges in the world, spanning several countries across Central Europe, the Alpine peaks are one of the main must-visit attractions for any trekkers worth their salt, and are likely to be the focal point of any holiday to Austria for someone who is keen on this hobby.

Fortunately for this type of tourist, the region offers enough variety to make sure they and their party will never feel bored during the course of their walking holidays in Austria. The omnipresent nature of Alpine ranges all across Austria ensures that, regardless of which type of holiday the group prefers, there will always be a peak to explore nearby.

Those who prefer a city holiday, for example, will be delighted to learn that they can indulge in hiking and trekking without going further than one and a half hour’s drive from Vienna. The Upper Styria and Lower Austria regions offer plenty of verdant, luscious Alpine landscapes to indulge in, and are likely to give rise to several day-trips from the conveniently nearby city base. Hikers who choose to explore this part of the country can also rest assured that their escapades will always end with a return to the comfort of a hotel, where well-deserved rest will be given to sore muscles and aching feet!

If, on the other hand, you are the type of trekker who feels that walking holidays in Austria should be spent with no concession to comfort and in communion with nature, you may want to look towards the Inner Salzkammergut region. This part of the country offers all manner of hikes, from especially open hiking paths to naturally occurring mountain trails, and is sure to challenge even veteran hikers. What is more, on the course of their climb trekkers will be treated to sights such as the magnificent Lake Halstatt and the numerous imposing wooden figures scattered about the mountains. These can even be the subject of a themed walk for a fun family day out!

It is clear, then, that the Alps offer more than enough variety to keep all walking enthusiasts entertained during the course of their walking holidays in Austria – even when concurrent attractions such as city tours and food-tasting are not taken into consideration!