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6 Factors That Define The Best Cloud Hosting Providers

The decision to move to cloud is a big one in itself but a bigger question looms large on the minds of the businessmen. The question is which cloud hosting provider to choose? Then another question that comes to mind is what determines a good provider. Below are the key factors one should keep in mind while choosing a provider.


The basic aim of moving to the cloud is cost saving. Certainly, the price of the services is a huge factor in decision making. Cheapest provider may not necessarily be the best choice, especially if the site aims at making money. Choose a provider with a decent price and the one that meets your requirements.


Choose a provider that provides 24/7 technical support. If you get some difficulty in operations it is helpful to have someone to call for an advice. Support is one of the driving factors in zeroing upon the right provider. If some issues are there in the access of the service it’s your business that suffers and obviously you would like the host to help you to make the things right, at a moment’s notice.


Hardware refers to the equipment that the provider is using for hosting. A client would like to know whether his service is hosted on a dependable hardware or not and if they are top of the box machines or some outdated rusted boxes. Moreover, one thing to be made sure is that your company’s hardware is compatible with that of the host.


Scalability is one of the striking features of cloud hosting. So, one should take care that the provider they are choosing fits well into their future plans. A planning is required in this regard as to how much the company will grow and what will be its storage requirements after a certain amount of time. This is done so that the shift to cloud is not short termed and the host is able to provide you services even when company grows.


A company would always want that its data is safe and secure. This will only happen if the provider has taken all the adequate measures to beef up the security levels of the cloud. Moreover, ask to be served with the level agreements to make sure the quality is up to the mark.


Always try to avoid vendors with poor track record of hosting. Always go with big players or companies that have a good reputation among the other customers. Try to do a background check on the provider’s past customer experiences and use that information in your decision making. Getting this information might not be easy but once right provider is chosen all the fuss will be worth it.


The biggest factor other than the above ones is a company’s needs. The vendor chosen should fulfill the requirements and then above factors should come into play. Choosing a good provider is very essential for the company to flourish in the cloud environment because the provider plays a big hand in moving to the cloud. Most importantly different vendors give different security measures but always choose the one that has taken all the required steps.

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