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6 Essential Skills Security Officers Must Possess

Today, security threats are rampant and multiplying at an alarming rate. All over the world, criminals are getting craftier and more resourceful, breaking into foreign soil undetected, breaching the security of public and even private areas and individuals.

In a world that’s rife with such dangers, it’s critical to get the best and most competent individuals to guard public safety and security. Safeguarding security is a job that does not just entail a watchful eye, a constant presence and a uniform, but many other important skills.

What It Takes

Being a security officer demands so much more than it used to, due to the increase in the number and complexity of security threats. Below are some of the most important skills that security officers of today must strive to possess:

  1. Good written and verbal communication skills – Communication skills are pivotal in the field of security. Not only do security officers have to communicate on a daily basis with customers, clients and many other individuals, they have to convey important safety instructions accurately to effectively direct people to safety, or relay this information to assisting co-workers. They must be good listeners in order to obtain important details, ask appropriate questions and fully understand a situation and the points being made. They must also create and read numerous reports, memos, manuals and other written data throughout their career.
  2. Critical thinking & problem solving skills – Security officers must be quick thinking and must know how to calmly gather and assess information. Based on this information they must also know how to make timely decisions and appropriately deal with stressful situations such as attacks, crises, injuries and the like.
  3. Military, Police or related training – Ensuring the security of corporate areas requires physical as well as mental conditioning that can be achieved through proper police or related training. Such training will help security officers deal with problems calmly, restrain intruders and become better prepared in emergency situations.
  4. Good social skills – Security officers are often the first persons that people meet when entering a building. They are also the ones that people turn to for directions, instructions and guidance especially during emergency situations. It is therefore important for security officers to be amiable, approachable and helpful, yet calm and assertive when necessary. They should also be familiar with social norms, and be aware of and understand how people react and why they react that way.
  5. Computer & driving skills – Though not always required to use a computer or drive a vehicle during their working hours, it is important for security officers to gain the ability to do both. Their occupation can entail storing or accessing information on the computer, and may even require them to operate a vehicle in order to ensure the security of individuals.
  6. Skilled in the use of electronic security systems – These days, security around commercial areas is never without electronic assistance. Upon entering any premises there’s almost always a metal detector, access control systems and CCTV systems. Security officers must be skilled at operating and taking advantage of these systems in order to provide comprehensive security.

Security is one serious matter that requires highly skilled and disciplined people to maintain it. With these essential skills in place, you can be assured of your safety and security no matter how dangerous the threats out there may be.