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5 Ways To Be More Efficient In Your Home Office

Claim A Place And Rid The Distractions

One of the major issues with working at home is how much time that we waste in our office. Typically, this remains unnoticed because we are working so hard to make your customers happy and earn a great salary. You will have more time for yourself by maximizing the efficiency in your home office, which is very simple. Your first step is to pick a personal spot in your home that is only yours, and it is ready for work every time you sit down at your desk. Your work area should represent yourself and be a comfortable environment to work in, get rid of the televisions and radios that cause distractions. When your space is set up to your liking, you will be able to get your work done quickly and utilize all the space that it has to offer.

Establish And Maintain Your Work Hours

Try to maximize your hours to the fullest by setting a regular work schedule, stick to your plan. You can set whatever hours that you would like; many employees enjoy the 9 A.M. To 3 P.M. schedule, if you work quickly and efficiently. Others like the traditional schedule of 8 A.M. To 5 P.M. with a scheduled hour lunch. Always remember when working at home you can schedule your hours how you like. Make sure that you are in your chair ready to work at the time you choose to start working, don’t make a habit of stretching out your hours. This is a huge cause for being unproductive and wasting precious time.

Have Your Own Work Computer

You always want to have your own work computer from others in the home, keep it off-limits. This will protect the confidentiality of your clients and will keep you away from interruptions, such as a child needing to do homework. Place a family computer or laptop somewhere else in your home for everyone’s use such as the den or family room. Keep this in mind when filing your yearly taxes, your work computer is for work only.

Check Email And Return Phone Calls

Working by yourself from home can be over-whelming and you can find yourself with paperwork piled up to your ears. It is imperative to keep your customers happy and communication is the key to success. Set a time to catch up on any needed phone calls that need to be completed. Check your email at least three to four times per day. A good system to use is to check your emails in the morning, after lunch and before you close up for the day.

Use What Works For You

Find the right system that will work for you to be efficient, something that works for one person may not particularly work for the next person. You can start out by trying different patterns or routines to find out which one works out the best for your business. When you walk out of the office for the day, you should have a sense of accomplishment and be ready to enjoy the rest of your day!