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5 Frauds You Should Be Watchful Of

If you think you’re safe, think about these stats:

“Consumers lose about $40 billion a year to con artists who spend all their waking hours figuring out how to make their latest score”


Faced with a crook and his or her fraudulent scheme, would you easily recognize the danger? Think so? Maybe you would, but just to make sure, let’s layout the facts.

You may want to hire detective agency Toronto to find out about the new neighbor or a client who’s new to your city. Perhaps, that beautiful girl you met in the bar last week and has been dating since, is one of the members of the con-family, and she had you on target since day one.

Here is a list of most common frauds compiled by Investigation Hotline Mississauga based on real life examples of their clients.

Pest Control

An “inspector” or “exterminator” visits your home to check for termites or other pests. You may be told that there have been problems in the building or neighborhood. The exterminator finds signs of infestation and shows it to you. But the insect- or termite infested wood he claims came from your home, he brought with him.

A good place to check credentials is the Better Business Bureau; the local number is found in the White Pages. Bottom line: Be wary of anyone who just shows up and volunteers to inspect your home.

Home Improvement

Then there’s the one where a “contractor” offers to work on your home (adding a room, improving landscaping or repairing electrical or plumbing) or inspect for problems, such as radon or gas leaks. Maybe he says he can do the work cheaply because of “leftover” materials from a previous job. Once paid, he does a poor or incomplete job.

Have home repairs and inspections performed by qualified professionals-only after you’ve requested their services. Also, research the contractor’s background and check references with previous customers. Finally, determine whether he or she is licensed with the State Licensing Board and inquire about them at the local Better Business Bureau.

Bank Examiner

You’re approached by someone who says he works for your bank and needs help catching an employee suspected of embezzling. To do this, he needs you to withdraw some of your money as part of a sting operation. Maybe he says that he’ll take your money in exchange for a receipt and promise to redeposit it after the employee is caught. But instead, you never see your cash again. No matter how convincing the story sounds, remember that reputable banks don’t work this way.

Pigeon Drop

This is when the crook says he found a wallet carrying a lot of money. He offers to share the cash with you later, if no one claims it. But first, you have to give him some of your money as a good faith gesture. Of course, he disappears with your money.


Someone who says she’s an undocumented alien or otherwise living illegally in this country approaches you, claiming she has a winning lottery ticket. Because of her status, she can’t cash it. She offers to sell this worthless ticket to you for a portion of its huge “value.”

Bottom Line

Keep your eyes open and contact private investigation agency Toronto to run a background check on a person who comes across as a friend.

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