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5 Awesome Start-up Businesses For Less Than $1000

How awesome would it be to be known as a business owner? Pretty cool, right? Well, these days becoming a business owner is far easier than what it once was. Before starting your own business required a lot of money to get started, and to keep things afloat while the business was being built. These days the opportunities are great, and with less than $1000 to invest you can begin a business that produces a nice income for you day by day and week by week.

Think that it’s not possible? Take a look at these five fantastic start-ups that require you to make an investment of $1000 or less –with the promise of a great income coming back to you.

1. Writing Services Company

With millions of people on the ‘net each day, companies small and large depend upon writing to attract customers to their business. This means they need great content, oftentimes which they do not have time to create. Most turn to the services of a writing company to handle this task. With a few good writers under your belt you can easily make a nice income with very little work involved. And, minimal start-up funds are needed!

2. eCommerce Store

What are you passionate about? Turn you passion into income with an ecommerce store. A small supply of products and a website are the only things that you need to get started, and you have unlimited possibilities in your hands. The money you make is really up to you and the efforts put into things, but the sky is the limit!

3. Instructional classes

Art, pottery, photography, painting, computer –the possibilities are endless. This is a start-up that enables your great skills to be put to use for an awesome paycheck. You will need to rent a facility in which to hold your classes, as well as purchase supplies to get started, and of course you need to advertise and promote the classes. In most areas this is more than possible to start for less than $1000. You may want to consider a daily rental for the location until things really get to booming with your business.

4. Consulting

A consulting business is yet another in demand opportunity that can provide you a great income for long-term success. It is also very affordable to start. As a consultant your job may entail a wide variety of tasks for both businesses as well as individuals.

5. Interior Design Business

For people who have a vivid imagination and an awesome creative side, an interior design business is an idea. This type of business enables you to have fun on the job while working a part-time or full-time schedule, making the money that you want to earn!