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5 Awesome Backyard Waterfalls

I put together a video awhile back of the top 5 backyard waterfalls from a company I work with. I had the pleasure of being able to film each of these. I would have to say that the footage does not do the actual water features justice.

In the number five spot is a decent sized waterfall completed with a bridge and small bench wall. The fourth spot is a giant water feature with fire pit and bar that was featured on HGTV’s yard crashers. The number three spot went to a homeowners backyard water feature completed with a water log, pergola, and bridge. The number 2 spot went to another homeowner who has a massive grotto covering his hot tub. The grotto also spills into the pool. And the number one backyard water feature goes to a homeowner housing a 22′ tall Backyard Waterfall built into a real rock. The whole project includes a pergola, bar, patio, 2 seating areas, and a fire pit.

If you think your backyard waterfall can beat out these then let me know because I would love to see it and make a video of it! Not only that, but if you have an amazing outdoor living area, pool water feature, or pond I would love to see pictures!