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4 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Your Pet Dog Poop

There is no way one can resist the charming presence of dogs which most folks opt as a pet. Having a pet dog is not only a means to entertain and aid a person to ease his stress, but is also a responsibility: to take care of them too correctly. And part of that responsibility is scooping up their litter.

However, the stinky and unwanted smell of their poop makes one home unpleasant, especially the front yard. And admit it; it is not a fun task to do. If you already are frustrated how to keep your house clean and fragrant, here a few tips to help you in your everyday work.

1. Useful and Proper Poop-Scooping Tool

In every task, preparing the right tools to complete the job is always the top priority. For this type of work, you do not just need any object you think can provide you the ‘ability to scoop.’ However, you instead need a particular set of equipment such as a garbage bag, a lobby dust pan, and a rake.

Since it is only for your pet’s waste, just purchase affordable trash bags you can get from your local store. Get a rake and dustpan too. However, keep in mind to choose handles that are adjustable and are excellent for scooping your dog’s litter. Additionally, rubber gloves and boots are helpful too, especially during rainy season.

2. Trash It and Never Use It as a Deposit

Based on a study conducted around the year 1991 wherein Environmental Protection Agency labeled dog poop as a non-point source of the pollutant, dog waste— as opposed to what most folks believe to be true— is not a fertilizer rather a toxin associated with herbicides and other toxic chemicals. Thus, it will not only pollute the soil and air around it, but it can also cause mild to severe illness.

It is why scooping the litter straight to the trash is advisable. More importantly, never forget to use a double plastic bag to secure that it won’t spread germs especially for those who collect the garbage. There are a lot of available trash bags particularly for animal poop that can help you segregate the waste well.

3. Hire a Service from Professionals

Scooping your pet dog poop, apart from it is not a fun responsibility to finish, would take a significant amount of time from your schedule. And with today’s demand and duties to accomplish, it’s already given that everyone is busy doing their corporate jobs and other social activities.

So if you think poop scooping won’t fit in your schedule anymore, consider hiring a professional pet waste clean up service. They will help you do home jobs you can’t do. It is also an excellent way to assure the safety of your family’s health and cleanliness of your home since their expertise is waste cleaning.

4. Do a Little Potty Training

Potty training is a favorite and excellent way to manage your pet poop better. Give your pet dog a little training where to do his/her thing. This way, you do not need to look all over the house or your yard where the source of the smell is. And after your dog completes the training, you certainly won’t regret the positive effects of it.

Dogs are everyone’s best friend. But sometimes, taking care of them is a little bit frustrating especially when it comes to scooping their litter. And although it seems painful and unpleasant, you have no choice but to remove their waste. After all, it is not just the dog the will benefit from it, but also your family and your house.