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4 Reasons Why Swindon Is A Great Place To Do Business

Recent news reveals that Honda has increased its investment in Swindon by planning to create 500 new jobs at its factory, as a form of investment that totals around £200 million and is designed to build a global production hub in Swindon. News reports show that the new Honda site will be a centre of production for the five-door Honda Civic and this vehicle will be exported to the US and sold in US markets. Officials state that around 150 jobs in production at the plant are slated to be fixed by Christmas this year (2015) and the other 350 jobs will be created and filled before April 2016. News like this shows that Swindon remains firmly on the map of places where it’s positive to do business. Here are a few reasons why companies like Honda are increasing their presence in Swindon.


1. National and International Outlook

Swindon is by no means inward-looking. It is a thriving and growing town with business links all round the world. This makes Swindon popular with foreign and UK-headquartered companies alike. The town benefits from a progressive, positive business climate that looks to overseas markets as well as home-grown locations for growth and expansion.

2. Excellent Office Space

Swindon has a good deal of office space that is well within the budget of most small and medium companies, and without the high price tag of locations like Bristol and Reading. You can find serviced offices, refurbished offices, new offices and all other kinds of Swindon offices that are ready for you to move into. You benefit from attractive surroundings and modern office space that is truly comfortable and productive to work in. If you want to know more about commercial office space in Swindon, take a look on the web at some of the specialist business space rental agencies in the town.

3. Strong Economy 

Swindon boasts a strong and resilient economy that continues to grow from strength to strength. It is ranked among the top 10 most highly innovative areas in the country and it attracts many high-powered institutions and organisations. many businesses have their headquarters in Swindon, such as Honda, the UK Space Agency, The National Trust, BMW Group, WHSmith, Motorola, Zurich, Arval UK and Nationwide Building Society.

4. Mix of Urban and Rural

Swindon has an enviable location as it is close to some beautiful countryside while retaining strong links to London and to large cities in the South West. Setting up a business in Swindon means that companies and employees benefit from a high standard of living and working, plenty of open space, and a less polluted and crowded working environment than you would find in London. You will also find a good amount of amenities and leisure facilities so employees can maintain a healthy work life balance and companies can benefit from the greater productivity this brings.