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3 Best Mobile Coupon Apps versus Wikigains

Coupon deals can save you significant amounts of money if you know exactly where to look for them. While there are a few Company And Company reliable coupon websites like Wikigains.com, finding a most functional coupon app with outstanding features can save you money and time. Here are four coupon apps that you should check out and how they are different from wikigains.com

1. Yowza

Yowza comes with a variety of features that make it outstanding. For instance, while most other couponing applications are user-driven, which means that the user uploads and shares coupons, Yowza lets retailers upload their coupons and deals, leading to better savings.

Despite being location-driven, users can still search for their favorite stores even though they are outside their area. The app has a library of over 70, 000 retailers, offering users a wide range of coupons on all kinds of products.

Wikigains also allows users to search for retailers and favorite stores to see if they have a coupon or deal.

2. Grocery iQ

If you often do much of your couponing at grocery stores, then Grocery IQ is the best couponing app for you. Part coupon match-up, part grocery list app, users can create and also save coupon lists based on what products they already tend to purchase, which means you’ll make fewer impulse purchases.

With Grocery iQ, you can create your custom grocery list which you will use to search for available coupons at the stores you often do your shopping at and for those items you typically purchase. You may even sync your lists with, say, your spouse and also enter products via voice so that you do not forget a thing.

Grocery iQ helps users tailor personal shopping lists for fewer unnecessary and unplanned purchases. It works with several store loyalty cards like Kroger and Safeway, and it is also free and available for Android and iOS platforms. We think Wikigains can benefit from applying some of its features.

  1. SnipSnapWith this couponing app, you can search retailers and stores for coupons which you can then download directly to the application. SnipSnap will automatically sort out the downloaded coupons by date of expiry, but for easy access, you may search your saved discount offers by the retailer.

At checkout, the cashier will scan your smartphone for each coupon. They could still type in the coupon code displayed under each coupon.

While hardcore couponing can be very involving, often requiring long hours of searching as well as clipping and matching so you can get great deals, these apps and coupon sites like wikigains, make the entire process simpler.

With the right app, you can save money and score discount very easily. It is also worth mentioning that because e-commerce is getting more mobile by the day, coupon sites including the more popular ones like Wikigains should consider creating an app version of their services. This way, they can reach more users and improve their user experience.

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