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3 advantages of using online content on your marketing strategy

Why should you do content marketing? Actually, there are a few reasons for that. Users have already got tired of disruptive advertising that doesn’t add any value to their online user experiences, so marketers had to make up new ways of connecting with them.


If we take a look at the actual digital scene, the saturation of information and our absolute power when choosing the content and platforms we consume, we realize that conventional marketing and advertising strategies have lost all their potential, we need to change our strategies in order to reach these new kind of users.

That’s what content marketing has arrived for, a new and respectful way of engaging customers inside an Inbound Marketing philosophy. Users spend their time looking for relevant content on the internet, and that’s where brands should be, ready to offer content that informs, educates, inspires and excites their targets.

Brands don’t need to chase customers any more. Just create the right content, put it on the right place and let them come to your brand organically. Things have changed, now it’s customers who decide when the interaction between them and the brands happens, and not vice versa.

“In content marketing the user is who decides when the interaction between him and the brand happens, and not vice versa. Therefore, the stimulus that we offer is more respectful and less intrusive”

So it’s all about creating valuable content for our user’s community. A new technique that has proven such a good performance and return of investment that has been incorporated into many agencies and companies, besides being taught in several masters of Science in Marketing.  Let’s have a look at the 3 main advantages of these new marketing strategy.

Content marketing generates engagement

Call it content marketing, branded content, native advertisement or whatever you want. These are all different terms to talk about the same concept: a kind of advertising that customers want to see, useful content that adds real value to their life.

“In content marketing brands make friends that will eventually turn into customers”

Imagine your dog is feeling sick and you are looking for some advice on how to take care of him. Then on the internet you come across a post, a video or any other format of content where a dog’s food brand tells you the 5 best things to do when your dog is feeling sick. You follow those steps and actually your dog heals. From now on you will consider that brand as a “friend”, you will go back to them when you need more advice and when buying your dog’s food they will probably stay on your Top of Mind. A really cheap way of creating a strong engagement with your community.

Content marketing multiplies your visibility

There’s no point on generating content if it won’t have any visibility. A good content marketing will increase your online presence and visibility, and thus the online traffic that your website will receive. It’s important to do a deep keyword research in order to optimize our content for those search queries that our potential customers use the most.

But our visibility won’t increase just on the search engines but also on the social media networks. Thanks to these platforms where we spend a bunch of hours per day, word of mouth has gained unprecedented power in our customer’s decision making process. That’s why it’s so important to identify the main groups, communities and influencers we want to address to, in order to establish an active conversation and share the content we are creating for them. So remember, beyond the search engines our content also needs social movement if we want to take full advantage of it.

“A good SEO and Social Media strategy multiplies the potential of your content”

It’s as easy as asking to yourself, where are my potential customers? The answer would be “Looking for answers on the search engines and chatting on the social networks”. Now you know where you must be.

Content generates leads

And last but not least, content marketing is an efficient way for lead generation which will eventually suppose the conversion into final customers. At the end of the day brand’s objective is to increase their sales and there’s no point on collecting more likes or getting more traffic into a website if no one converts and the revenues stay the same.

The creation and diffusion of online content in various formats, allows us to generate leads from potential users, either because they have downloaded an e-book or they have requested information about a webinar. This will enlarge our database, enabling us to perform specific actions on the future based on their interests, such as lead nurturing through email marketing for example. If our goal is lead generation, content should include a call to action towards a landing page where the user can fill out a short form.

Do you know any other advantage of Content Marketing? Share it with us!