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21 day fix – people love to use their replacement meal shakes

This program is introduced by the company which has already introduced some other plans which got so popular and got some good reviews from the people who used them. Trained professionals are working behind the screen very hardly and effectively to come up with a program which helps people reduce weight with no side effects. Alike their previous products 21 Day Fix blog program is released with no side effects and also with additional advantages. Theme of this program is to prepare a person for a beach ride with more comfortable swimwear wit in 21 days. It is not overwhelming to say that a person can achieve this if all the points of the program are correctly followed without fail.

What actually involved in the program

The program involves meal replacement shakes which people would love to have, especially children. Provided with set of workouts which focus on each part of the body, makes a person to help his/her body to lose weight more easily. There are three types of packs available in this program, designed based on some of the factors that might influence people to make a choice.

  • The essential package: this package comes with six workout DVD’s, which help a person to know the details about their workouts. It also includes a shaker cup and food storage containers, six in number. Company’s online support is the thing that will be provided for a person who buy any of the three packages. Along with this, their customers will be entitled with bonus 30 workout plans, three day fix plan and the diet that a person should follow throughout the 21 day fix. This plan is probably cheapest among the three.
  • The challenge pack: along with the basic package, this package will consists of

shake logy products which comes in different flavors as a substitute for meals. Fat children will love to have it in place of their meals because of their flavors. People can enjoy eating decent amount of meals along with replacement shakes. This shake logy product will also be a perfect substitute for snacks.

  • The ultimate pack: this program contains all the things in essential pack, also contains some intensive workouts and some other meal replacement shakes. This package contains a big bag to carry food items to outer place and also some other bonus workouts and DVD’s. As this is the ultimate pack, it will provide all the facilities that a person will expect and most probably more than expected.


The main thing people concerned about is the price factor. The price of this program will be totally based on the type of package a person will choose. Coming to 21 day fix, their customer is allowed to choose a plan that suits their body condition, their economic conditions and their daily works.